Instrument Flight 7: That’s Impossible. We’re on Instruments!

I assumed that since VOR one is way off, the glideslope in it would be unusable too. But the glideslope is a separate signal, and it still works. We did one ILS and one VOR approach at Lakeland without any instrument problems. (We had both VORs tuned to the same frequency, and ignored the localizer of number one.)

I need to study the approach plates and procedures more, since any problems I’m having with approaches are from trying to figure out what to do next, rather than flying the plane.

The radios seemed to work fine. We still have occasional noise problems, which only happen in the air. The radios always sound clear on the ground with the engine off, which seems to rule out the radios themselves.

I think the maze of wires draped around the cockpit connecting the portable intercom, headsets, and push-to-talk switches to the radios acts like an antenna and picks up interference from the engine or electrical system. I’ll have to play with the setup.

Today: 1 hour instrument time
Total: 12.7 hours instrument time

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