Instrument Flight 4: Please Hold

We reviewed some more basic manuevers today, and then I was introduced to a holding pattern. I flew straight for a minute, did a turn to the opposite direction, straight for a minute, back to the original heading, etc.

We did a VOR approach at Lakeland (LAL). I found it more confusing than the ILS, and definitely less precise. When I took off the hood, I was above 1000 feet, between two intersecting runways, and not sure which one we were cleared to. I didn’t think we could salvage a landing from that situation, but my CFI explained that we were about where a real IFR approach would have taken us, so I need to get used to landing from there. On the way back we worked on intercepting ADF bearings and VOR radials.

This morning at our airport there was a midair collision, with no serious injuries, that kept the runway closed for several hours. This is the type of conditions in which these accidents usually occur- in good weather, with high visibility, near uncontrolled airports.

Today: 0.9 hours instrument time
Total: 9.3 hours instrument time

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