Instrument Flight 32: Confusing Instructions

No IMC today, but it was a little bumpy. We went over almost everything that would be on the checkride. I did an ILS approach that was pretty good and a partial-panel VOR approach that was OK for a first try.

I need to review the procedures for compass turns, because I had trouble turning to the correct heading. I was also confused by a clearance: maintain 2500 feet but cleared for the approach. That seemed to be contradictory- how could I do an approach without descending?

The approach plate shows the minimum altitude to be 2000 after crossing the VOR. I thought that meant I was to get established outbound, then I could go down to 2000 feet. Apparently not, because I got down to 2300 and was told I was supposed to be at 2500, even though I was supposedly cleared for the approach. It still doesn’t make sense to me.

Next we did an NDB approach which I messed up by not intercepting the bearing inbound. For some reason I was waiting for the ADF needle to point straight down before turning.

Another problem I had today was intersection holding. I flew out on one of the radials that defines the intersection, but I didn’t know how to tell when I got there or when to turn.

Today: 1.5 hours instrument time
Total: 2.6 hours IMC time
Total: 52 hours instrument time

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