Instrument Flight 25: Another Night Lesson

I did another night lesson with my new instrument instructor. We started with about half an hour of ground instruction. (He has this weird idea that I should at least partially understand something before I try to fly it.)

We spent most of the time doing NDB work, tracking and intercepting bearings. It wasn’t easy, because I had forgotten most of what I knew, and the wind was over 30 knots.

We did an NDB approach at Plant City (PCM), and I was surprised to be able to figure out all the steps from the plate. (Not fly them properly, but at least understand them.)

Then we practiced the basics of instrument flying (turns, climbs, descents, and combinations at constant speeds or rates), which need improvement. Approaches will be easier when I can maintain a steady descent at the proper speed, for example.

Today: 1.2 hours instrument time
Total: 2.1 hours IMC time
Total: 42.1 hours instrument time

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