Instrument Flight 19: Flying Through Class B

The original plan for today was to try a back course localizer approach at St. Pete – Clearwater International Airport (PIE), the only airport in the area that has one. The wind was too strong in the wrong direction to get a clearance for that approach, and thanks to the latest radio failure, we had no glideslope receiver to use for an ILS.

Instead we did one VOR and one regular localizer approach. The VOR approach is strange because it involves an NDB. I had trouble figuring it out when I looked at the plate before the lesson, but with enough coaching it went OK.

The flight took us right through the middle of the class B over Tampa International Airport (TPA), the first time I’d flown through that area. This was also the first time Approach called me first. Right after takeoff, before I had a chance to check in, they spotted us on radar and gave us a vector and altitude. What service!

Today: 0.8 hours instrument time
Total: 24.1 hours instrument time

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