Instrument Flight 11: Holding in the Wind

We started by doing holding patterns over the Lakeland VOR. It was windy, so I had to keep adjusting the time and heading. The goal was to make the inbound leg (back to the VOR) take one minute. I’m still confused about the three holding pattern entry methods, but we did enough laps for the pattern itself to start making sense. In the real world, we would probably be cleared for the approach by the time I figured out how to adjust the holding pattern.

Tampa Approach has a new frequency for the Lakeland area, which worked better for us today. (I’m assuming the new approach frequency is coming from a closer transmitter. The radios still need work though, because other planes have been able to use the old frequency in that area.)

We asked for ten minutes of holding followed by radar vectors to a VOR approach, and got them. This was the first approach I’ve done with vectors. It was a lot easier than doing the full approach without them. I’m more likely to be given vectors in a real situation.

Today: 1.2 hours instrument time
Total: 17.2 hours instrument time

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