Flights 44-45: Yet Even More Checkride Prep

Yesterday and today I did two more checkride prep flights. The first was another stage check with my CFI to see what needed work, and the second was solo time to work on those things.

The really good news was that the 152 I’ve done most of my flying in will be available for my checkride. It’s been out for maintenance, and it’s going to be painted soon. For the past week or so it looked like that plane would not be back in service in time, so I’ve been doing some work in the 150s to prepare. There’s not a lot of difference between the two models, but just enough to confuse things. Flying the 150s is no problem, but being tested in one is another issue.

Yesterday: 1.3 hours
Today: 1.2 hours
Total: 63.9 hours
Total Solo: 24.7 hours
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