Flight 12: Flying in the Cold

This was the first full day of winter, with weather to match. Today was the coldest day I’ve flown (about 50 degrees at 3 pm) and the cloudiest (but with a 12,000 foot ceiling, not a problem). That’s not beach weather, but great flying weather. The cold improves the plane’s performance, and the clouds make it a poor day for sightseeing, thus reducing the traffic. For the first time, we didn’t leave the pattern. I did nine landings, about six of which were good ones, and maybe 80 percent of the radio work.

My CFI did what he could to distract me, but I didn’t fall for it. (At least I have to assume that’s what he was doing when he started explaining something off-topic just as I was starting the turn to base.) Some of my turns are still too steep, and I’m still getting a bit off course from the wind, but overall it was a great day.

Today: 1.2 hours
Total: 14.1 hours

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