Flight 1: Steering with My Feet

My first lesson began with a preflight briefing during which my instructor (CFI) took a few minutes in his office to explain the plan for the day. We went out to do the preflight checklist, to ensure that the plane was ready to fly.

Next came the most difficult task for me of the day, learning to steer with my feet to taxi, and trying to avoid the natural temptation to use the yoke. There were two more checklists to be done, one to check the engine and instruments, and one just before takeoff.

The near-ideal local flying conditions (no wind, clear skies, visibility above 20 miles, temperature about 80) were a big help for the first lesson. Taking off was easier than I expected; I guess I was surprised to be doing it myself.

Once in the air we began working on the basics of flight: climbing, flying straight and level, turning, and descending. My CFI demonstrated a touch & go at Plant City (PCM). My hands and feet were on the controls so I could feel what he was doing, but he did the landings himself.

Today: 1 hour
Total: 1.5 hours

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