June Adventures

I finished the month of April by getting checked out to fly a Warrior.

I put my new Warrior checkout to use on the 1st and 3rd, taking two friends each time to Cedar Key (CDK) and Venice (VNC), respectively. On the 2nd, I took the 152 to Leesburg Regional Airport (LEE), doing some more hood work with my newly-certified CFI friend.

Since we were into the hot, humid, and heavy storm season, I didn’t fly again until the 30th. It was pretty hazy and cloudy that morning, but no thunderstorms were expected. Since I plan to start working on an instrument rating in the fall, I’ll be trying to use my summer flights to prepare. To get some more good radio experience, I flew to two unfamiliar class C airports, Sarasota (SRQ) and Fort Myers (RSW). What a difference from my Colorado trip- the Warrior seemed to climb like a rocket despite the heat. I landed behind a departing 757 at RSW- a first time experience for me.

I flew back most of the way from RSW under the hood. Since I was pretty busy on the radio, that leg was close to flying on an IFR flight plan. When we got back home and parked, somebody walked over to hand us a checklist that he spotted on the stabilator. (We were using one in a book and hadn’t noticed the loose one.) Somehow that piece of paper had blown out of the cockpit while we were parked in Fort Myers, hit the outside of the plane, and stayed there the entire flight back.

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