Instrument Flight 9: Brooksville Approaches

We went to Brooksville (BKV) to do some approaches. It’s an uncontrolled airport, so we didn’t have to talk to Approach. We did two localizer approaches, which are just ILS approaches without the glideslope, and then a full ILS approach. The first one was terrible because I was too busy watching my altitude and descent rate to pay attention to the localizer needle. The other two were OK.

After the lesson, I did a cross country to the Orlando area, way past Lakeland, listening to the Tampa Approach frequency all the way there and back. Why doesn’t it work with my flight instructor in the plane? (I didn’t transmit to them, though, so that still could have been a problem.)

When we have radio problems, they’re intermittent. Sometimes we can hear fine, but are told our transmissions sound garbled; other times it’s the reverse. Sometimes there’s a lot of hiss or noise; sometimes the sound is clear. The new radio seems to receive much better than the other one. At least, with both tuned to the same signal, the new radio will go much louder.

Today: 1.3 hours instrument time
Total: 15 hours instrument time

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