Instrument Flight 37: ILS Problems

Tonight we tried the ILS approach several times. They were better than the last two flights, but not as good as a month ago. The typical pattern was to get established nicely on the localizer and within a dot or so on the glideslope until about 500 feet above the minimum, and then lose it.

I used to be able to do that ILS approach well, and now I’m getting pretty frustrated. Some things that I am improving at are intercepting the localizer, realizing when I’ve gone through it, and noticing when the ADF flips at the outer marker (a signal to start the timer and make a radio call, as if I didn’t have enough to do already). I ended the last approach with a circle-to-land maneuver that my CFII said was good.

Today: 1.2 hours instrument time
Total: 4.8 hours IMC time
Total: 62.6 hours instrument time

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