Instrument Flight 26: Reviewing the Basics

Today I was given a chart of power settings and airspeeds for various phases of flight. This info seems pretty basic when presented in this form, as in why didn’t somebody give me it before? I knew about half of it, but I hadn’t seen specific numbers for precision and nonprecision descents, for example.

We did some ground work on interpreting approach plates, then half an hour of maneuvers including steep turns and stalls. I did a VOR approach that I was told was good, and an ILS approach that I knew wasn’t. I just found out today that the glideslope/localizer display is not the main thing I’m supposed to be watching during the ILS descent.

Today: 1.6 hours instrument time
Total: 2.1 hours IMC time
Total: 43.7 hours instrument time

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