Instrument Flight 18: Unassisted ILS Approach

Today we did two ILS approaches at Lakeland. They went a little better than last time. For a few seconds I had the glideslope and localizer both centered.

After the lesson I got a couple more hours of hood time on a trip to Melbourne International Airport (MLB). On departure from an auto-gas stop at Winter Haven’s Gilbert Airport (GIF), I did my first instrument takeoff. I taxied into position on the runway centerline visually and stopped, then put on the foggles and used the heading indicator to guide me down the runway. It was not as hard as I thought it would be.

I did an ILS approach at Melbourne, the first one I’d tried without my CFII. It was the easiest one I’ve done, because our heading there was in line with the active runway, so it was a straight-in arrival: no vectors, no navaids, no timer, no holding or procedure turns, just fly the needles. As we started to taxi to leave there, the new radio died again. (The fuse lasted a whole three hours.) The other radio never blinked.

Today: 0.8 hours instrument time
Total: 24.1 hours instrument time

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