Flights 46-47: Final Checkride Prep

Today was my last day to prepare for tomorrow’s checkride, formally known as the Practical Test. I flew solo in the early afternoon to work on my weaker areas of flight, then I spent a few hours at the airport studying for the oral part of the test.

My flight instructor worked with me for an hour to go over some typical questions. We looked at the engine and airframe logbooks for the plane to make sure they were in order, since the examiner will be checking them.

Then we went up for some last-minute practice: stalls, steep turns, and short- and soft-field takeoffs and landings. I’ve never taken this kind of test before, with a mixture of an oral exam and performing specified tasks.

Sometimes while reading the Practical Test Standards study guide, it seemed impossible to be ready for everything. There are over fifty areas I can be tested on, and failing any one of them means failing the whole test. Even though I passed my written exam several weeks ago, I realized that I could be asked any of the questions from that test, and a whole lot more.

The past week or so has been stressful, trying to prepare and wondering whether I’m ready, but it seems like time to take the test and see what happens. Another week of practicing may not make a difference anyway, and I’m getting a little bored practicing maneuvers, since I haven’t flown more than a few miles from home the last several times.

Flight 1: 0.9 hours
Flight 2: 1.1 hours
Total: 65.9 hours
Total Solo: 25.6 hours
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